Your favourite humans in the whole world get to be there, so why should your beloved furry friends miss out?

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We love the thought of involving our pets in our big day so we’ve put together a list of ideas should you too be inclined to give your furbaby a starring role.

Mind you, give it some proper thought before you commit to any of them because not every dog might feel relaxed in a crowded room of people dressed to the nines sporting a top hat and dicky bow!

Walk Down The Isle With Your Pooch

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Imagine the absolute cuteness of their tail wagging excitedly as you make your way down the aisle together to meet your partner at the altar?

It’s one way to surprise your guests, that’s for sure!

Involve Them In Your Wedding Photos

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Doggy photoshoot, anyone? If the ceremony doesn’t seem as appropriate place for your furbaby to make a guest appearance, how about including them in your official wedding portraits?

You’ll look back on these shots for life and what a lovely way to mark how much they mean to you.

Have Them Join In On The Getting Ready Fun

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Dogs add a new level of excitement to the morning of the wedding. We’ve experienced this at some weddings and having the dog to share the morning with changed the atmosphere completely!

Not only did it relax the bride but it also left the bridal party with some super cute photo opportunities.

Include Them In Your Stationary

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Don’t want to stress out your furry pal with all the fuss but still want to include them in the big day? How about including them in your stationery?

A sweet drawing of them on your invites perhaps? 

Give A Nod To Them In Your Favours

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If your pet is adopted how about giving back to the animal shelter who saved their life by asking guests to give a donation?

Or how about allocating the budget you’ve set aside for favours to a donation to really make a difference?

Gift Your Groom Socks With Their Face On Them

Bells Wedding Photography - 119Bells Wedding Photography - 119

Can you think of anything cuter? Because we can’t!

Honestly, this is a thoughtful gift any time of year but particularly sweet on your wedding day!



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